An End to Nightmare

(D) When I returned from the church offices my bride-to-be was sitting on a couch in the lobby and a stranger had his arm around her. I couldn’t have been gone for very long but I could tell things had gotten serious. She was smiling and waved her hand at me showing off how he’d filled it with rings, and said, “Look how many he’s given me.” My one seemed so trite. Everyone in the lobby was laughing but I knew it was only in support for her; sides had to be taken, after all. She looked over at me almost apologetically and said, “I’m tired. I’m so tired, of your vegetables, and all your gay recipes. I want meat. I’m tired of working two jobs and, listen to me, I just want someone who’ll give me what I want.”

My heart dropped. I was devastated, truly devastated.  It all seemed hauntingly familiar, like a bad dream, and there was a deep sense of helplessness. I knew there was nothing to do except say goodbye. And as they continued talking and laughing and marveling over her newly minted hand, I thought to myself that at least she’s happy, even if I’m not. Then light began to fill the room. I could feel an enormous presence outside the window behind me, but I refrained from looking at that moment. I realized the situation was just too terrible to be true, and then ‘ah ha!’ I realized it was all just a nightmare. I looked into her eyes and asked the dream entity, “Is this a warning?” I could see it was worried the game had been given up, but kept up the failing charade in desperate attempts to humiliate me.  Though I understood it was only a mask, my heart was still roaring before her face and with tears and great passion I let her know: “Because if it is a warning, I’ll take it to my deepest heart, and do whatever it takes because  I  don’t  want  to lose you!” And at that, almost unconsciously, my face turned towards the window, then unveiled, with beautiful sky filled with beckoning light. I could see where the wall had cut off that light, where I had been sitting, and the couch where she was, were both in the shadow. I stepped into that light, hearing behind me the wails and desperate moans of the creatures behind who could not hold me in illusion anymore, and my soul levitated towards the figure in the clouds.  My heart was leaping with anticipation as more and more light filled my eyes, knowing that I was about to see the glory of God; much like the moments before sunrise on a clear day and you know the sun will come up at any moment. And my right arm was reaching up with fingers extended towards the great one as I rose higher and higher until my head hit the ceiling, and I woke up.

Copyright 2015 Jason S Cooper
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7 thoughts on “An End to Nightmare

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words, they mean a lot. Ive had experiences, i’ll share them eventually. Like there was one time when i got to see my true heart in God’s light before i became a Christian, and it was horrifying. Since then i’ve held the truth that there’s nothing good in me without Jesus, even this ‘sensitivity’ is God’s grace. Thank you again for reading

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      1. Interesting, I hope to hear about that experience. I know we are all filthy rags apart from Jesus, that’s ok to remind ourselves of that. . . I hardly ever feel like a Christian, but I know He loves me… Hey, we have enough people who ‘sound CHristian’ but that kind of prose actually sometimes kind of reeks and non-Christians (and even a lot of real Christians) can hardly read it. So just keep writing from your heart.. . . especially those radical experiences you’ve had, those are so interesting! We need more of Heaven invading Hell, just like you’re reporting on.


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