The Awakening

From my backyard I flew with Landon in tow; escaping the many people who wanted to bring me down; who, with their arrows pointed heatedly into the sky, might not have missed if there wasn’t the bright sky to blind them. They scrambled through hedges and gardens while attempting to stay under me, but backyards do not make easy paths, and from property to property, each one bounded by a different sort of fence, they were hindered while my flight was made easy as the earth sloped down beneath me. To the north it was all a downhill journey.

There couldn’t be enough buffer between us. Even when we crossed over the great lake which separated America from her crown, Canada, and then the vast wilderness of fir trees capped with snow, I didn’t touch down until we reached the very edge of the continent; as far into the arctic circle as this land could take you. There was a simple, freshly plowed sidewalk along the frozen coast line Landon could easily walk with me that had been unsalted (ice didn’t bother these people so much), as his paws were very sensitive. It was there, in the quiet north, where even the air seemed frozen still, where I knelt down to pray asking God to feed me, and for protection. I asked for all the things I normally do; that I may survive yet another day, but then I was compelled to ask for more. In the stillness my heart is most responsive to His gentle prodding. My prayer changed direction and with an overwhelming spirit I asked God that he prepare me for that great day; the day of the lord, and that my heart should be ready at His coming.

A voice woke me up. A voice shattered the illusion. It called to me from outside my dream saying softly, “Jason,” and brought me out of it. I rolled over towards Paige, I could feel her there in the dark and asked her what she wanted, but she remained still and was softly snoring. I blinked and could feel my heart rate rising realizing I recognized the voice that woke me. It came like a rushing wind, soft yet forceful, like a whisper holding tremendous weight, each syllable drawn out and hitting me at the core, so much like the voice which called Moses in The Prince of Egypt. I remembered the dream, I remembered what I had asked for in prayer and immediately thought: is this it? Is this the answer?

I got out of bed and began getting dressed. Landon perked up at the activity and stretched out while giving a wide yawn. “What’s the matter?” Paige asked. “I’m going to take Landon for a walk,” I said, “Do you want to come?” “Jason, it’s the middle of the night. I’m not going for a walk with you.” It was nearly 3 am. The urgency in me was rising. Just the night before our reading had taken us to Deuteronomy thirteen: the false prophet. For the Lord your God is testing you to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul. You must keep His commands and listen to His voice; you must worship Him and remain faithful to Him. “Are you sure?” I asked her, “I just had a very interesting dream and we can talk about it while we go.” As I was getting my things together Paige stopped me in the hallway. “Jason, come back to bed, we can talk about your dream there.” And she hugged me bringing my arms to her. There was a great wind blowing outside and it felt very cold. I’ve been here before, I remembered, and again I had to remind myself that salvation is not up to me. There is, after all, nowhere on earth I could flee to. Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved. In quietness and confidence is your strength. I resolved to go back to bed, but before I let her go I whispered into her ear, “He said my name, Paige. He knows it. God knows my name.”

Copyright 2015 Jason S Cooper
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